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the original folding camp stove

7' pipe, canvas carrying case & damper. Shown with optional
side-attached oven & side shelf.
Weight: 36 lbs. $492.00

Assembly or folding time for stove approximately 1 minute. Requires no nuts, bolts or screws. Shelf attaches in 10 seconds. Shelf 13" wide, 21" long. Pipe: 26-guage, tapered, nested and riveted on ends to prevent collapse. Lifting tabs for convenient assembly. Total length assembled, approximately 7 feet. Tapered from 3-1/2" 5-1/2"


SPORTSMAN STOVE (left) with pipe & canvas case $300.00.
TALL SPORTSMAN STOVE with pipe & canvas case $338.00.
SPORTSMAN Specifications: 15" high, 13" wide, 22" long, folds to 3-1/2" thick. constructed of 24-guage steel. Top reinforced with three 1/8" bars. Legs ans leg straps are 16 & 18 guage. Door hinged to give maximum opening for large sticks of wood. Improved, easily regulated draft. Stove weight with shelf, pipe, case: 26 lbs. Weight with oven, shelf, pipe, case: 36 lbs.