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accessories Hot Water Tank (left) Attaches to the rear of the stove. Galvanized and brazed. Holds approx. 3.5 gallons. Used for dish water or washing. Not callapsible. Weight: 10 lbs. $108.00

Reflector Oven(right) Can be used with the stove or in front of a campfire. Weight: 10 lbs. $120.00

Fiberlgass Tent Flue Shield The shield can be sewn in where desired. It is flexible and a very good replacement for the old metal "jack" that could tear a tent. Weight: 2 lbs. $42.00

Spark Arrester Made of coarse wire screen with a metal cap to deflect sparks back down the pipe. Weight: 2 lbs.$36.00

More Accessories

Damper Weight: 1 lb. $12.00
Extra Stove Pipe Joints Approx. 21" long. Weight: 3 lbs. Weight: 1 lb. $14.00
Set of 4 Lengths of Pipe (Either replacement or extension to original pipe length.) Weight: 10 lbs. $54.00
Custom Pipe (For other stoves-specify diameter) $72.00
Side Shelf Handy for pans, etc. Keeps plates warm. Attaches to either side. Weight: 8 lbs. $36.00
Side Shelf with TALL Leg Extensions. $50.00
Oven Fits Sims Stoves manufactured since 1960. Bakes turkeys, roasts, biscuits, etc. Attaches to either side. Weight: 11 lbs. $162.00
Replacement Canvas Carrying Case Sometimes the old case wears out. Weight. 2 lbs $36.00
Extension Legs 15" extension legs for SPORTSMAN Stove only $48.00
Extension Legs 15" extension legs for SPORTSMAN with side shelf $64.00