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Dutch Ovens

dutch ovens Dutch Ovens Used around the world for centuries. Cast iron Dutch Ovens last more than a lifetime. We carry an inventory that ranges from the hard-to-find 16" down to the versatile 8". Three-legged, dished top ovens for multiple dish cooking.

5" Deep Ovens Available in 12" and 14" sizes. The new 5" deep oven enables the cook to roast large cuts of meat, turkey, etc. Excellent for hungry crowds!. They, too, come with a cast iron flanged lid. Not pictured.

Cast Iron Skillets Almost any hardware store sells Lodge cast iron skillets, but few have the large size needed by outfitters and camp cooks. We carry the 15" and 20" skillets.

Round-Bottom Kettle 4-quart size with lid.

Dutch Ovens Without Legs have self-basting lids for cooking on the campfire or stove. They are also a deeper than ovens with legs.

Firepit Stakes Two drive pins with one cross piece. Can be used as a tri-pod with two hooks and 12 links of chain. 48" high when used as a tri-pod.

Replacement Covers We carry covers for 8" to 16" ovens.

Dutch Ovens
8" Dutch oven (10) $38.00
10"Dutch oven (13) $45.00
12"Dutch oven (20) $55.00
14"Dutch oven (26) $72.00
16"Dutch oven (32) $125.00

5" Deep Dutch Ovens
12" Deep Dutch oven (26) $65.00
14" Deep Dutch oven (29) $85.00

Iron Skillets
15" Skillet (15) $40.00
20" Skillet (21) $90.00

Round-Bottom Kettle $83.00

Dutch Ovens Without Legs
10" Dutch Oven (12) $35.00
12" Dutch Oven (18) $57.00

Firepit Stakes $45.00

Replacement Covers
8" Cover $15.00
10" Cover $16.00
12" Cover $18.00
14" Cover $33.00
16" Cover $50.00