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The Best Folding Woodburning Camp Stove

Ideal for campers, hunters, survivalists, firefighters, horse packers & outdoor enthusiasts. An excellent emergency wood burning stove.

Sixty years ago, P.D.Sims started Sims Stoves to provide his unique folding stove to the outdoor public. Guiding for sheep and elk hunters - he was disturbed at the amount of discarded stoves and pipes left behind by previous years' hunters. Taking these discards as a sign of poor design and planning, he developed the SPORTSMAN stove - folding for compactness, lightweight for packing - designed to come back from all trips complete with pipe - engineered to last for years.

Cooks all over the Rocky Mountain West have praised the Sims Stoves for its versatility, durability and warmth. Riveted, 24-guage steel construction with reinforcing bars, nested-riveted pipe and canvas carrying case make Sims Stoves the best folding, woodburning campstove available!